The Personal Touch

For the last couple of weeks I have been busy while I set up my second Etsy shop,, its still nowhere near fully stocked although it is open for business. I had forgotten how much hard work it was not only setting up a shop but to trying to get your name out there as well! I have […]

Herd of Sheffield

This year Sheffield is playing host to a herd of elephants. They can be spotted in and around the city of Sheffield until the 5th October, with the little herd, (the elephant calves), being on display until the 30th September, all in aid of the Children’s Hospital Charity. The Herd of Sheffield website says: The […]

Year of Making, Sheffield 2016

I live just on the outskirts of Sheffield, a city with a proud history of making, famous the world over for it’s steel industry and Silversmithing. This year, 2016, Sheffield celebrates a year of making with all types of industry from advance manufacturing to award winning theatre. To learn more visit the website “Welcome to […]

Baby Baby

Unique Baby clothes  I can vaguely remember when my daughter was born, some *#%^ years ago, getting bundles of sleep suits, baby grows and pretty little dresses. Amongst these were hand knitted little cardigans, bonnets and bootees which to be honest I didn’t fully appreciating the work (and love) that goes into making them, at […]

Hang Out The Bunting!

Garden Parties, BBQs and Picnics. Wow what a fabulous weekend we’ve had with the weather! All up and down our road you could smell the aromas of BBQ’s, hear the pop of Prosecco corks and the birds singing, it was sheer bliss. So after a busy day at a garden and craft fair, ably helped by my lovely sister-in-law, […]

Pampered Pets

We are a nation of animal lovers, be it dogs, cats, rabbits or in my case chickens. We have had, in the past, a dog called Murphy who was a Manchester Terrier cross and rescued from the local RSPCA and a cat called Jess who was semi feral and rescued from the Cats Protection League, […]