Herd of Sheffield

This year Sheffield is playing host to a herd of elephants.

They can be spotted in and around the city of Sheffield until the 5th October, with the little herd, (the elephant calves), being on display until the 30th September, all in aid of the Children’s Hospital Charity.

The Herd of Sheffield website says:

The elephants have arrived! A herd of 58 elephant sculptures and 72 elephant calves have descend on Sheffield for the biggest public art event the city has ever seen!

The elephant sculptures, each uniquely decorated by artists, have descended on Sheffield’s parks and open spaces, creating one of the biggest mass participation arts events the city has ever seen. Can you find them all?

This exciting initiative is brought to you by The Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art, uniting businesses, communities, artists and schools, leaving a lasting legacy for the city.

Join the stampede, celebrate the herd and make Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better!

Dates for your diary:

Little Herd: our little calf elephants designed by 73 schools and teachers will go on display in indoor venues til 30th September 2016

Herd of Sheffield: follow the trail, collect points with our Herd of Sheffield app and try to see as many of the sculptures as possible whilst they are out and about in the city til 5th October 2016

Virtual Stampede: During the month of September we want you to run, swim, walk or cycle, or do a mix of all four, a minimum of 60km and earn yourself an exclusive limited edition Stampede medal!

You can download the Herd of Sheffield app and follow the trail in and around the city, ticking off the ones you have seen – it’s got to be better than collecting Pokemon!

Sunday the 17th July turned out to be the most glorious day of the summer so far (what summer? I hear you say) so my husband Glyn suggested we go on the hunt for the elephants and see how many we could find. Of course we had a few refreshment breaks along the way, after all it was a hot day and would have been rude not to!

We saw around 30 of the herd but only 3 of the little herd so I think another trip or two to find the rest will be on the cards.

Here are pictures of some of the herd we saw today, but to learn more about this fabulous art installation and the charity concerned pay a visit to the herdofsheffield website.



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