Sew and Sew.


Sewing and machine embroidery is my craft and if you’ve already visited my shop you’ll know that I specialise in various types of bags.

I can turn my hand to most things but I have never tried making my own clothes, although I’d love to try, or tried quilting. However there are some fabulously talented sewers out there in Etsy land but I thought for this blog I’d feature just one Etsy seller who is always on hand to give advice and help when needed in our Facebook groups, mixed with a little humour!

The seller I would like to feature is Jane Hurst who’s shop is RosieFreckles. Jane makes some wonderful quilts plus padded notice boards in really funky patterns and colours.

I love this quilt pictured below, the combination of yellows and greys are wonderful.

Patchwork quilt


How about this cute baby quilt?  Jane’s baby quilts can be used for play mats, pram blankets or as your baby gets older it can be used as a wall hanging, making your purchase a real family heirloom.


This Aboriginal inspired quilt would also look good as a sofa throw, I can just imagine myself on a cold winters night, snuggled up in this on my sofa with its warming orange tones.


One of Janes very happy customers says:


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my blogs, see you again soon…


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