Year of Making, Sheffield 2016

I live just on the outskirts of Sheffield, a city with a proud history of making, famous the world over for it’s steel industry and Silversmithing.

This year, 2016, Sheffield celebrates a year of making with all types of industry from advance manufacturing to award winning theatre.

To learn more visit the website

“Welcome to the Sheffield Year of Making 2016.

This is a unique opportunity to show that making is in the city’s DNA, ranging across advanced manufacturing to arts, music and theatre.

It’s not just about culture, it’s about how economic vibrancy comes in many forms.

Sheffield is a city that makes people; from theatre-makers, music-makers, health-makers, art-makers, education-makers to business-makers. Year of Making is our opportunity to showcase this by providing a crucible of creativity for residents, visitors and the next generation of would-be-makers, whether born here or wanting to make their future in our city.”

Vanessa Toulmin

Chair Sheffield Culture Consortium Director of City & Cultural Engagement, University of Sheffield

I am part of a team on Etsy called Sheffield Sellers and to celebrate the Year of Making some members of the team are offering a one day only flash sale with a 10% discount on items in their shops.

This is valid only on the 4th June so it’s not to be missed!

Here is just a small selection of the shops taking part:


Jayne has a fantastic range of unique handmade silver jewellery.



Alex sells original fine art prints, paintings and greetings cards, check out some of their one of a kind work.



Katie has some beautiful shawls, wraps and blankets in her shop to name a few, including this gorgeous and delicate shawl.


To see the other shops taking part in the flash sale go to the Etsy Local page  and click on the links to each shop to check out their goodies!

Dont miss this great event!

See you soon…



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