Hang Out The Bunting!

Garden Parties, BBQs and Picnics.

Wow what a fabulous weekend we’ve had with the weather!

All up and down our road you could smell the aromas of BBQ’s, hear the pop of Prosecco corks and the birds singing, it was sheer bliss.

So after a busy day at a garden and craft fair, ably helped by my lovely sister-in-law, we came back, sat on the patio and stoked up our own BBQ. We plan on having many more over the coming months and in fact already have a big party planned in July for my sister-in-law, to celebrate a special birthday (yes, she’ll be 21 again!).

So to give you and hopefully me, some great ideas for garden parties, BBQ’s and picnics I have put together a selection of lovely finds from UK Etsy sellers.

First up if your fella likes to get in touch with his primitive side and take control of the BBQ, he’ll need one of these from BangTidyClothing. Don’t forget it’s also Father’s day on June 19th so this would make a fun present.


I love the look of this pretty, shabby chic garden bunting from VillageBunting using Cath Kidston material, what a lovely finishing touch it would make to your party.


Carry your bottle of wine to the beach or park for a picnic, in style, with this insulated wine bottle bag from my own shop TotesByWendy. This would also make a lovely house warming gift with a good bottle of wine or champagne inside. I will be making a bespoke one for my sister-in-law to take with them to France in their caravan.


And finally, garden parties are not just for the Queen! If you’re celebrating a special event you’ll love these pretty invitations to send out to your guests, from DesignPlug.


Get out there and enjoy the weather when you can and the company of friends and family.

See you soon…



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