Pampered Pets

We are a nation of animal lovers, be it dogs, cats, rabbits or in my case chickens.

We have had, in the past, a dog called Murphy who was a Manchester Terrier cross and rescued from the local RSPCA and a cat called Jess who was semi feral and rescued from the Cats Protection League, sadly both have passed now. But I remember with great fondness how much joy they gave us and the laughter they created with their antics.

So it is with them in mind that I have put together a few great Etsy finds for our furry friends and their owners.


This first offering, a matching hair bow for you and your cat, from made me smile 😀


Next up we have a fabulously stylish Pug bag from,



I have to sneak in my own offering here with my personalised slip on collar bandanas suitable for cats and dogs, check them out in my shop


Finally, from we have a cute cat toy.


Hope you’ve enjoyed these great finds, see you again soon.


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