A Card For All Occassions

At the end of last week, with the beautifully warm weather we had, I had in mind to do a blog featuring some fabulous picnic ideas from our Etsy sellers ready for the bank holidays! So this week we have seen two snow showers and the temperatures plummet, so I scrapped that idea and filed it for later.

I decided instead to cover cards, there’s such a variety to choose from, birthdays ones, wedding ones, Father’s Day ones, thank you ones and uhummm dare I say it, Christmas ones!

Ive said it before, but it’s worth repeating, before you go out and buy that card from your high street shop, for whatever occasion, give our Etsy sellers your attention first. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll turn up to the party and find the same card you just bought, already sitting on the window sill.

So to kick off I have found this great card which any Sheffielder will recognise and will bring on a twinge of nostalgia from http://www.studiobinkyshop.etsy.com. they have a range of unique cards and some great multi buy offers.

Sheff TT

Next we have a newcomer to Etsy and the Sheffield sellers team however I have known this lady for a very long time so here’s a shout out for Sandra Cavill of VerityFay. she has a lovely selection of cards including embroidered and decoupage, http://www.verityfay.etsy.com.

Etsy VF

If, like me, you’re not the soppy lovey dovey type, how about this for an Anniversary card from SarahBurnsPrints? She has some unique cards including Thank you Teacher cards, http://www.sarahburnsprints.etsy.com

Etsy SBP

And last but by no means least we have a funny (and a little naughty) Fathers day card from Lindsey Best of PaperSpaceBoutique, http://www.paperspaceboutique.etsy.com

Etsy PSB

I hope you enjoyed looking through these, see you soon…….



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